Foreign Visitors Bet for Ecoturism in East of Cuba

The camping installations of Guantanamo, eastern Cuba, with good camping facilities, became this season a preferential option for foreign visitors, according to tourism executives today here.

This season doubled the number of foreign tourists in our facilities regarding the same period of the previous year, being predominantly the presence of Italians and Canadians, and to a lesser extent German tourists, explained the deputy director of the Provincial enterpirise of camping of Guantanamo, Omar Suárez.

Due to the increase in the number of visitors, we are currently enhancing options Ecolodge in response to the international market that is increasingly more plaintiff and Guantanamo has potential to exploit this cultural tourism, nature and history, he stressed.

“Three of our installations are located in coast zones: Cajobobo, Yacabo Abajo and Duaba, while the Anvil of Baracoa is in mountain zones of the north-eastern part of the island but you can enjoy from the comfort of their rustic cabins and be in direct contact with nature,” he said.

“Popular camping is a recreational option available across the country mainly for domestic tourism, but in recent years it is increasing the number of foreigners who come to the Agency Cubamar for reservations at these facilities, in order to enjoy walks, trails and opt for baths in rivers and lakes,” said Suarez.

(Prensa Latina)


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