Cuban wrestlers looking to Olympics

Cuba is an indisputable global wrestling powerhouse; as demonstrated by its six gold, five silver and seven bronze medals, placing it 15th on the discipline’s historic Olympic medal chart, with only seven appearances since the Montreal 1976 edition.

Russia (80-31-23), the United States (50-43-32), Sweden (28-27-29), Japan (28-17-17) and Turkey (28-16-14) occupy the top five spots. Thus understandably, our gladiators have high hopes of qualifying for the Río de Janeiro Games

The 2015 World Wrestling Championships in Las Vegas, was the first event where Cuban competitors had the opportunity to fulfill this goal, with Greco-Roman style fighters Ismael Borrero (59 kg) and Mijaín López (130) emerging victorious, winning gold and silver medals, respectively. The second qualifying event is scheduled to take place in the U.S. city of Frisco, Texas, site of the Pan American Championships (February 26-28) and Pan American Olympic Games Qualifying Tournament (March 4-6), where finalists will secure their tickets to Brazil.

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