Delaware law students to pay academic visit to Cuba

As part of ongoing US-Cuba academic exchange, favored by the thaw of bilateral relations, some 30 students from the Delaware Law School expect to spend a week in late February to exchange with local professionals and visit places of economic and environmental interest.

According to Delaware´s The News Journal the Widener University announced this week the trip to Cuba as part of a new class being offered by the Delaware Law School focusing on emerging economies based on a course by Professor Christine D. Allie.

The publication says that the class trip has been possible by recent changes in U.S. foreign policy, since Americans are banned from traveling to Cuba as tourists. Barack Obama expanded the categories of authorized travel to include family visits, research, educational activities, humanitarian efforts or a handful of other purposes.

According to the announcement, the US students will visit the biosphere reserve Las Terrazas, an urban organic farm. They will have meetings with members of the city’s Integral Development Group, the layers´ union and professors at the University of Havana.

The visitors will take a firsthand look at Cuban reality and learn about the island´s free and universal education system and Cuban economy.

(Cuban News Agency)


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