Illuminating the streets with the light of José Martí’s ideas

This coming January 27, at 11:00pm, the March of the Torches, organized by the Federation of University Students (FEU), will set out from the University of Havana’s Grand Staircase, and head to the Fragua Martiana, illuminating the city’s streets with the light of José Martí’s ideas, on the 163rd anniversary of his birth.

The march is dedicated this year to Fidel’s 90th birthday, the 7th Party Congress, and the 50th anniversary of the Continental Organization of Latin American and Caribbean Students, according to Luis Ángel González, FEU secretary of communication.

Also, January 27-28, an expanded National Council of the FEU will meet, to evaluate the organization’s work, following the recent national congress.

Likewise, the Second International Conference “With all and for the good of all,” focused on Marti’s thought and action, will take place in Havana’s Convention Center, with the participation of youth from Mexico, Brazil and Panama, who will join the march as part of a brigade from the Cuban Friendship Institute.



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