The cradle of Cuban revolutionary medicine

Havana resident Geovanni Barrueta Ordoñez, 44 years of age, happened to be in the city’s municipality of Cerro on New Year’s Day, when he began to feel heart pain. His family immediately took him to the emergency room at Calixto García University Hospital. He was admitted that very evening with high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat revealed by an electrocardiogram. Geovanni told this reporter that he received rapid, quality medical attention, in both the emergency room and the cardiology department where he was resting.

A similar opinion was shared with Granma International by Dianelys Hernández Bello, who had spent the last 13 days and nights in the intensive care waiting room. Her 72-year-old uncle was hit by a car and suffered multiple traumatic injuries.

Other patients and their companions testified to the professionalism of doctors, as well as that of nursing and service staff here, which complements investments undertaken recently to provide maintenance and repairs at the facility, in addition to new updated equipment, as part of the process of needed improvement and reorganization being implemented by the Ministry of Public Health.

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