Beijing and Havana Sign Memorandum on Aeronautics


Authorities of the Cuban Company of Airports and Aviation Services (ECASA S.A.) and of the Beijing-Capital International Airport Ltd. (BCIA) signed on Monday a memorandum of understanding in this city.

The ceremony was held at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, and the document was signed by the Deputy Director General of ECASA S.A., Jorge Luis Godines, and the Vice- president of BCIA, Du Qiang, in the presence of China’s Ambassador to Cuba, Zhang Xin, and other top officials, the Prensa Latina news agency reported.

The strengthening of exchanges in terms of operations, security, business services and the development of cooperation projects between the parties was among purposes expressed.
Du Qiang said his air terminal received nearly 90 million passengers the previous year, 22 million of which were foreigners.

Godines recalled the opening of direct flights by Air China from Beijing to Havana on December 27 as one of the most important events in cooperation between the two airports and the civil aeronautics companies.

(Cuban News Agency)


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