Josefina Vidal: “We are Constructing a New Type of Relationship”

josefina vidal

Josefina Vidal Ferreiro has been closely linked to culture, language and the US political and academic events since she left to study in the former Soviet Union in 1979.

She does not exaggerateeven if she expresses herself in a strong manner at times. Josefina explains the most complex issues in a comprehensive way. Her communication abilities have served her well during her conversations with US government representatives during the past year, first in the establishment of diplomatic relations and later towards normalizing the ties with our country.

We arrived to her office at the Foreign Ministry in search for answers.

-Are you still optimistic after a little over a year of December 17th, 2014?

-I continue working with a high dose of impulse and optimism but I am also realistic because there is currently an electoral process in the United States; we do not know what will happen.

“There is only a year left to work with the current administration and on Cuba’s part there is a commitment to continue advancing and we see a lot of possibilities of achieving our objective. But in reality it will be less than a year for the presidential elections to be held in the US; speaking politically it is only until the summer”

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