Cuban Delegation Attends International Rosa Luxemburg Conference in Berlin

Hero of the Republic of Cuba Gerardo Hernández participated as a member of the Cuban delegation to the 21st International Rosa Luxemburg Conference in Berlin, Germany.

At the conference, Gerardo Hernández conveyed a message from the Cuban Five, who spent long and unfair prison terms in the U.S. for fighting against terrorism.

Gerardo thanked solidarity activists from around the world for the many letters and messages of support that he and his four compatriots — René González, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González and Ramon Labañino — received while imprisoned. And he particularly thanked solidarity activists in Germany for their active participation in the international campaign in favor of Cuba and of the Cuban Five’s cause.

With the slogan: “No God, No Emperor, No Tribune: Do it Yourself!”, the event was attended by more than 2,000 people from different areas and of all ages to discuss the importance of the work done by Rosa Luxemburg, about Left theory and politics, regarding history and the presence of anti-imperialist movements and perspectives of social change.

Other members of the Cuban delegation included Cuban deputy and writer Alpidio Alonso Grau and filmmaker, photographer Roberto Chile and a representation of the Cuban diplomatic mission in Germany, headed by Cuban Ambassador Juan René Mujica Cantelar.

The Cuban delegation participated as guests in the first annual meeting this year of the Communist Party of Germany, where Gerardo Hernandez again thanked the hundreds of German friends of Cuba gathered there, among them the political organization chairman, Patrik Köbele.

(Radio Havana Cuba)


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