Rogelio Martinez Fure Awarded with National Literature Prize for Life

The writer and essayist Rogelio Martinez Fure was awarded today with the National Prize for Literature 2015, for his contributions and merit to that genre of art, announced today the Cuban Institute of Book.

Martinez Fure has a strong and significant work not only for literature, both written and orally, but also as an influence in all creative ways to the Cuban culture, stated the jury.

Criticism contemplates his creations as “a kind of summary of the poetic traditions in search of transcendence and bridge between both oral and written manifestations, which has turned him into a real decolonizer”.

The jury also described his work as a model of cultural resistance and him as one of the greatest discoverers of the Cuban essences, heirs of all cultures of the world and especially the African one.

Eduardo Heras León, National Prize for Literature 2014, was heading the judges Soleida Rios, Caridad Atencio, Siegfredo Ariel and Miguel Mejides, who unanimously decided to award the prize to Rogelio Martinez Fure.

The National Prize for Literature is the highest honor given annually by the Cuban Institute of Book of the Ministry of Culture as evidence of public recognition of the work of writers with a transcendent work.

(Prensa Latina)


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