Havana World Music Festival will be held in March

Havana World Music Festival will be held in March

The third edition of the Havana World Music Festival will be held in this city from next March 24 to 27, and will feature artists from around the world.

The list of attendees to the event includes the popular American group Earth, Wind & Fire, which will present its show EW & F Experience, by Al McKay Allstars .

At that concert the musicians will perform songs that made history in the 70s of last century, fusing genres like funk, soul, gospel, jazz, pop, blues, folk, African music and rock ‘roll.

So far and according to the program, there will also be present the group Centavrvs, from Mexico, and the Spanish singer, percussionist and composer Juanito Makande.

Meanwhile, the local participation includes the orchestra led by Alexander Abreu, Havana d’Primera, along with other major musicians.

As usual, workshops and conferences will be made during the meeting to create a space for exchange, involving those interested in the latest trends in music.

Sponsored by the Cuban Institute of Music, Havana World Music arises as a result of the project Para Mestizar, on cultural diversity in Cuba and welcomes a range of artists who through the rescue of their identity have achieved their own label.

Previous editions of the event have been attended by musicians like X Alfonso, the Spanish duo Fuel Fandango, La Mákina del Karibe, from Colombia, the Norwegian singer Thea Hjelmeland, and the British DJ Auntie Flo.

(Cuban News Agency)


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