Marquette law students, faculty to visit Cuba

Marquette University Law School staff and law students are preparing for a trip to Cuba. From left are Professor Andrea Schneider, Molly Madonia a third-year law student, Sheldon Oppermann, a third-year law student, and Professor Natalie Fleury.

Oppermann will be among a group of 25 Marquette University Law School students and three faculty members embarking on a six-day trip to Cuba. The group will fly to Miami Saturday and arrive in Havana Sunday. The planned itinerary includes discussions with economists, artists and a former Cuban diplomat and a visit with law faculty at the University of Havana.

There’s also a stop that Oppermann is really looking forward to, the chance to talk baseball with passionate fans who congregate in the “Hot Corner” of Parque Central in Havana.

“I think international travel builds empathy with people,” Oppermann said. “As a future lawyer, I think understanding that there are so many people with circumstances that are not your own helps being a better professional.”

The trip is spearheaded by Marquette law professor Andrea Schneider, who teaches dispute resolution. Schneider has led similar student trips to Israel and Europe.

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