El Salvador Reiterates Willingness to Transfer Cuban Migrants

The government of El Salvador today reaffirmed its full disposition to implement next Tuesday the pilot plan for the mobilization of the first group of 180 Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica on their way to the USA.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Salvadoran government ensures that it is preparing the relevant protocols to ensure the transit of these people in the country, and that they can travel in an orderly and safe way, by land, to Guatemala, as stipulated by the plan agreed last December 28.

‘It is expected that in the coming days the government of Costa Rica will provide the names of each of these people who comprise this group, their passport numbers and medical reports, which are required to enter El Salvador, under the national migration rules’, the text details.

It stresses that with the implementation of this action, El Salvador reiterates its commitment to human rights and their integrationist vocation to contribute to the solution of this migration crisis.

Many personalities say that this situation is the result of the Cuban Adjustment Act and the implementation of the policy called ‘wet foot- dry foot’, and other measures that encourage illegal departure of Cubans to the United States, where they receive privileges that are not allowed to any other migrant in the world.

An official statement of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs released last November indicated that citizens who have left the country legally and comply with the immigration legislation in force are entitled to return to Cuba, if they wish to do so.

(Prensa Latina)


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