Virginian Governor meets with Cuban Foreign Trade Minister

Cuban Foreign Trade and Investment Minister Rodrigo Malmierca received in Havana Terry McAuliffe, Governor of the State of Virginia, who is in an official visit to Cuba.

During the meeting, both leaders spoke of the need to boost the bilateral trade, limited by the over 50 years long US economic, financial and commercial blockade of Cuba, which both urged lifted.

Malmierca described some measures implemented by the Obama administration last year as positive, but they failed to re3move the main obstacle to normal relations, the blockade.

Governor McAuliffe confirmed his stance on the lifting of the blockade and announced he will continue to fight it.

Promoting the export of agricultural products from Virginia, closer links to Cuba in sea transportation, culture and higher education, are the main goals of the Governor´s visit to Cuba.

This is the first high level visit from an American politician in 2016, after three governors came to Cuba in 2015, as well as Secretaries of State, Commerce and Agriculture.

Governor McAuliffe and his delegation will visit tomorrow the Mariel Special Development Zone, outside Havana city.

(Cuban News Agency)



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