Cuba to Improve its Performance in Rio 2016

Cuba is aimed to improve its performance in London 2012 at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro-2016.

In the last edition, Cuba won five titles and was ranked 16, stated today Jorge Polo, vice president of the Cuban Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER).

Speaking at the Health and Sports Committee of the National People’s Assembly (Parliament), in session at Havana’s Conference Center, Polo stated that Cuba’s objective in Rio-2016 is to continue being an Olympic and world power, ranking among the top 20 countries.

Another purpose is to show levels in the formation of values and represent Cuba with patriotic athletes, with quality and efficiency.

Therefore, he said, the central goal is to improve the performance in London-2012. He recalled that the country’s best result came in summer games in Barcelona-1992, when it stood fifth, with 31 medals including 14 golden ones.

The INDER vice president stated that the Cuban delegation to the Games in Rio de Janeiro, to be held on August 5-21, will consist of about 100 athletes, 43 of which have already gotten their tickets, in eight disciplines.

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