Photographs of Alicia Alonso and Maria Callas Exhibited in Havana

Two divas of the fine arts become one again in the photographic exhibition opened today in the Cuban capital as a tribute to 95th birthday of the prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso.

The National Museum of Dance is currently the venue of the exhibition that includes 30 photographs of presentations of the ballet dance “The Diva, Maria Callas in Memoriam,” in different stages in the world: the United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, Bulgaria, Spain, Chile, Argentina and Brazil among others, besides, booklets, posters and programs of those performances.

The exhibition was the scene for the Jose Marti Cultural Association President Armando Hart to give the maximum award conferred by that institution: The Usefulness of Virtue, to the founder of the Cuban National Ballet.

“Thank you homeland,” said Alicia, who thanked the support and love by the people of this island, because “it is wonderful to be Cuban.”

Besides, the album Homage to Alicia Alonso, re-released by the Company of Musical Recordings (Egrem), including this time new themes as one of the singer-songwriter Polito Ibañez.

Italian painter Agustini Brotto gave the prima ballerina assoluta a work inspired by the ballet dance Arlequinada (conjugation of the world harlequin).

During the opening ceremony of the exhibition, a video of that ballet dance, filmed at the Fine Arts Palace in Mexico, was screened. It was one of the performances by Alicia Alonso with more presence of contemporary elements.


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