Trinidad-Tobago Receives Cuban Doctors Services

In Sangre Grande, the largest city in the northeast of the island of Trinidad, the Cuban health collaborators give the population of that Caribbean country a better quality of life, showed the Granma newspaper today.

In the area of Trinidad and Tobago, where rains every day, the day weave a new legend of battles for life, noted a chronicle published by the newspaper. Every day the general hospital of Sangre Grande receives two doctors, three graduates in pharmaceutical sciences and seven in nursing.

For the Trinitarian Dr. Ivo Cordice, who studied in Cuba, was the preparation he received in the Greater Antilles which made him notice the huge difference existing between the Medicine there and here; while you prevent, in this side we focus on healing, he noted.

“It’s something we are trying to change. I went to study in Cuba on the day of my birthday, in 1998, and was the best gift, if I could do it again, I would do it without thinking, ‘he says.

For the Trinidadians, there are no better professionals than Cuban doctors and nurses.

‘They have the charisma of dealing with the people, providing a very good service and we are all in family, because they are also good people’, many people commented.

We ‘usually find patients from other regions, who come looking for the Cuban doctor. Sometimes we see them in the registration area, ask first by the presence of a doctor of Cuba before entering the hospital. That makes us proud. “


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