Highlighted Guatemala”s Proposal to Suspend Cuban Adjustment Act

The media highlight today the statements of the president of Guatemala, Alejandro Maldonado, who requested to suspend the dry feet-wet feet policy and the Adjustment Act, maintained by the US to destabilize the government of Cuba.

National morning newscast and newspapers say that the president questioned these regulations, because they benefit only Cubans to enter the US territory and get the residency in the northern country.

According to the Guatemalan president, these function as a stimulus to the migration from the Caribbean territory.

That benefit for just some people should be eliminated or, failing that, to be extended to all people interested to migrate to the United States without setbacks, he considered.

Under the Cuban Adjustment Act (1966) and other related measures, Cuban migrants who reach US soil can enter and apply to ask for permanent residence a year later. However, those who are intercepted at sea in the attempt to reach that country are returned to the Cuban authorities, hence the label of ‘dry feett-wet feet law’, commentators added.

Siglo 21, a national newspaper, reports that the statements by Maldonado were in line with those expressed yesterday by the Government of Nicaragua and the The New York Times editorial.

All agreed to sue the US government to change its immigration dry feet-wet feet policy and the Cuban Adjustment Act, since it is considered somehow discriminatory regarding the immigration issue.

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