Cuban medical brigade returns from Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

Cuban medical brigade returns from Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

The members of the medical team that met mission in Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, after the floods that hit that country last October proudly arrived in Cuba.

At Jose Marti International Airport, Marcia Cobas, deputy minister of the Ministry of Public Health; welcomed the eight members of Henry Reeve International Contingent of Doctors specialized in facing disasters and major epidemics, who worked there for a month in the desert.

You are worthy exponents of the “Henry Reeve” that under the most difficult conditions and moments provides health services needed by people suffering from disasters and atmospheric conditions, she said.

Dr. Emanuel Vigil Fonseca, head of the brigade, who has already been in several missions, including Sierra Leone in the fight against Ebola virus, said that people defends its principles in the desert and under cold climate and it is eternally grateful to Cuba also for training its future doctors in the island.

The group included two epidemiologists, four specialists in general medicine and two nurses, who also taught and reorganized work in hospitals.

Regla Angulo, director of the Central Unit of Medical Cooperation, told ACN that the Cuban medical mission in that country began in 1976, it has remained uninterrupted and now there are already five Cuban specialists.

Created on September 19, 2005 by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, 45 brigades of the Henry Reeve contingent have already been present in 25 countries, including Pakistan, Indonesia, Chile, Nepal and in the fight against Ebola in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Conakry, the deputy minister told ACN.


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