Cuban GM Bruzon keeps the lead in Mexican chess tournament

Cuban GM Lazaro Bruzon

Cuban Lazaro Bruzon (2666 Elo points) retained the leadership in the Carlos Torre Memorial chess tournament after a third day of double round in which he totals five units and better tiebreaker than the other leaders.

The defending champion of the contest remained unbeaten when beating Ukrainian Andrey Baryshpolets (2538) and drawing with his compatriot Yuniesky Quesada (2627).

The other players with five points are the Dutch Sergei Tiviakov (2610), Cuban Yusnel Bacallao ( 2525) and Argentina’s Alan Pichot (2517), only International Master (IM) among the leaders as the others are Grand Masters (GM).

Cuba is also represented by GM Yuri González (2553), who drew his last two games and appears sixth after Russian GM Aleksey Dreev (2644).

IM Mariano Ortega (2466) is seventh, GM Yuniesky Quesada (2627), eleventh, Lelys Martinez (2504), twelfth, and FIDE Master Noel Hernandez (2349), 1 3th, are the other Cuban players.

This traditional tournament ends today and this year is attended by more than 100 players.


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