Cuba: New Video Games Presented

Especies invasoras y Aventuras en la manigua son los nuevos videojuegos que podrán disfrutar nuestros infantes.

New video games will be presented in Cuba to the children, with messages with ecological, cultural and social values, said Cuban newspaper Granma Tuesday.

This production is a fruit of the cooperartion between the Interactive Environment Center of Cuba (VERTEX), an organizaton from the Computer Science University of Cuba (UCI) and the Cartoon Studies of the Cuban Institute for Art and Cinema Industry (ICAIC).

Omar Correa, director of VERTEX, told Granma that two new video games had been offered in July and launched to the market.

Now, the Cuban children will be able to count on other topics, such as Aventuras en la Manigua (Adventures in the Forest), in which children will be able to interact with wild animal species, such as rats and wild pigs.

Correa stated that up to now, the video games have benn designed just for PC platforms, but other productions are under process.


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