Raúl Castro Called to Face Problems and Fight Without Losing Heart

The Cuban President, Raúl Castro, called to face problems wherever they are, without giving space to defeatism, and to keep fighting without losing heart for a second.

We should go there, we have to talk, the Cuban leader stressed at the beginning of a recent meeting of the Council of Ministers, according to reports released today by Granma.

He added that in front of difficulties, ‘we cannot let the spirit decay, we must continue fighting as Fidel said on December 18, a day like today but in 1956, when we met again in Cinco Palmas and gathered seven rifles’.

He triumphed because he had that spirit ever since and 25 months after the landing, he entered to Santiago with the victory in his hand, he recalled.

He explained that after January 1 the difficulties have been greater, ‘but we have to keep fighting without losing heart for a second’.

We need to develop, to have relations with all countries, to trade with all and not rely on a single product, but many. We are able to do so, there is tourism, each finished hotel is an open factory, there is also biotechnology, among others, he added. The Cuban president also referred to the ideological work, especially with young people, with whom, he said, we must engage with new styles.

The new generations are different from us, remember that young people resemble more their time than their parents, and to that we must pay more attention, he concluded.


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