US Senators Urge for More Executive Actions to Lift Blockade

The US Senators Patrick Leahy and Jeff Flake urged President Barack Obama to take more executive actions in 2016 to increase the chances that Congress will lift the blockade against Cuba.

On the occasion of the first anniversary on Thursday of the announcement that both countries would restore diplomatic relations, the legislators sent a letter to the president asking him to loosen travel and exports regulations and to limit financial regulations.

Leahy, Democrat of Vermont, and Flake, Republican of Arizona, said that the coming year represents a critical opportunity for meaningful advancement of these objectives, when the support of American public opinion is growing towards a new relation with the island.

In that sense, the Senators urge Obama to advance in the export of US goods and services.

We encourage you to explore practical alternatives that allow Americans to use existing commercial channels to give Cubans the access to permitted exports and to expand the range of products available, they said.

At the same time, they urged the President to eliminate unnecessary and unproductive financial regulations, which make difficult the US permissible transactions and block the movement of Cuba’s financial assets.

The recommendations also include to resume an air services agreement and allow travels from one country to the other, individually, the same way that Americans can travel to other countries.

Among the executive actions that could undertake Obama, are included to authorize the use of the dollar for Cuba’s international transactions, to allow these transactions through US banking system and to give the possibility to Cuban organizations to open accounts in US banks.


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