Cuba Denounces Persistence of Hurdles to Normal Relations with USA

President Raúl Castro said today that despite advances in the wake of resumption of diplomatic relations with the United States, obstacles persist to achieving a normalization of those links.

In a tv broadcast statement, Raul Castro said there has not been progress in the solution of essential issues leading to achieve normal relations with the United States.

He said that Cuba will continue insisting on that, as in order to achieve a normalization of bilateral relations it is imperative that the US Government eliminates all those policies of the past that afect the people and the Cuban nation.

He added that no one should pretend that Cuba would abandon the cause of independence for which it made great sacrifices or forget that, after many frustrations and 60 years of total dependence, the independence was once and for all rached on January 1st, 1959.

The Cuban people will not give up the principles and ideals for which several generations of Cubans have struggle through this past 50 years: the right of any State to choose the economic, political and social system it wants, without any form of interference, must be respected, he said.


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