Cuba and Sweden Boost Diplomatic Relations

The Swedish and Cuban governments reaffirmed today here their interest in tightening relations, with the signing of a memorandum of understanding to boost cooperation and establish a exchange mechanism between both foreign ministries.

After the signing of the legal instrument at the Cuban Foreign Ministry headquarters, Swedish Ambassador to Havana Elisabeth Eklund expressed the interest of her nation in increasing and extending cooperation with the Cuban Executive and people.

Sweden has maintained a close and friendly relation with Cuba since they established diplomatic relations in 1903. We have had an embassy here for more than 50 years, she said.

Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Rogelio Sierra said this was the 19th agreement that Cuban has signed with European Union member States, something that shows the good pace of the Cuba’s relations with each of those countries.

She asserted that the document signed today is an expression of both countries’ willingness to increase their relations and will favor official cooperation and extending the negotiations between the two nations in different international issues and the bilateral political agenda.

The document will make possible to deal with the differences that could exist, in a framework of negotiation and mutual respect, she said.


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