U.S.-Cuba Civil Aviation Arrangement

On December 14, 15 and 16 the third round of technical talks on civil aviation between delegations from Cuba and the United States, including the establishment of scheduled flights between both countries, was held in Washington.

The US delegation was led by Thomas Engle, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Transportation Affairs, and the Cuban delegation was headed by Yuri A. Gala López, Director of Bilateral Affairs, of the US General Division of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the meeting, both parties reached a preliminary agreement on a Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of scheduled flights between Cuba and the United States. Its adoption will be shortly announced by both governments.

With the implementation of this Memorandum, airlines from both countries will be able to conclude comercial cooperation agreements such as code sharing and aircrafts leasing agreements between them or with third countries airlines.

The Memorandum ratifies both countries commitment to protect civil aviation from acts of unlawful interference and reiterates the commitment to act according to the international conventions related to aviation security, to which Cuba and the United States are States Parties.

During the meeting, other issues related to civil aviation were updated and the Cuban delegation ratified its willingness to broaden mutually beneficial cooperation relations on air transportation.



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