Bronx Museum Exhibition to Open in Havana

Bronx Museum Exhibition to Open in Havana

A huge exhibition of nearly 100 pieces, by 54 artists of the Bronx Museum in New York will be opened at the Fine Arts Museum (MNBA) on May 21, at five in the afternoon.

The exhibition, which is part of the largest museum exchange the MNBA has made with a foreign institution, will make it possible for Cubans to appreciate an area of U.S. top quality contemporary art, almost unknown to the Cuban public.
Corina Matamoros, expert curator of the MNBA, came up with the initiative of proposing the project to several U.S. museums, but for various reasons only Bronx Museum director Holly Block welcomed it, in 2011.
She shows special gratitude towards great artist David Hammons, who lent for the occasion his emblematic Afro American flag, several meters long, which will be placed on the facade of the Universal Art Building, since they only had a small version of such work.
Block said this exhibit in Havana of some of the most popular funds in her institution, created in 1971 following the movement of struggle for the civil rights of African-Americans, was a dream come true.
This cooperation includes, for 2016, another exhibition of about one hundred pieces of the MNBA funds in New York, which Corina selected especially from the art of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.
Due to the U.S. blockade against Cuba, this artistic work is practically unknown in that country and will be the first time a state exhibition of such magnitude will be appreciated there.
This action also includes educational exchange of programs, curators and artists and the cooperation of adolescents of both cities in the publication of a magazine, among others.

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